ADMIN (Closed!)

Hi! We are Luhan Fanbase

We open registration for who want to be our Admin. Admin in here are divided into four :

– Twitter (Open!)

– Facebook (Not yet!)

– Weibo (Not yet!)

– Instagram (Not yet!)


SEND an email to that contains :

– Real Name :

– Nickname :

– Born : (Year/Month/Date/City/Country)

– Position : (Choose only one:Twitter/Facebook/Weibo/Instagram Admin)

– Twitter :


– You must fan of EXO especialy LUHAN.

Make sure you are not a staff wherever.

– Can online everyday (min 2 hours in one day).

– Put via or credits if you updating Info (pic,news,video, etc)  from another fanbases or fansites.

– No FanWar, Games and  Don’t publish (promote) your Personal Account.

– Please be nice, trusted and serious staff.

– Must follow @Luhan_Fanbase on Twitter.

– For who want be our Weibo Staff don’t worry about the language, we use English on weibo.

Start Date: 1 August, 2014

End Date: August 3rd, 2014

Thank you for your participation!


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