Hi! We are Luhan Fanbase

We open registration for who want to be our Photographer, voluntarily.
We just make it easy for anyone who take photo of EXO or LUHAN that not have a fansite.


SEND the photo have you taken to

Please include YOUR FULL NAME, and also the date and name of event, in the email.


Make sure your photo is taken using a digital camera.

There are no any logo in the photo.

Make sure your photo has not been posted anywhere.

We only accept a maximum of 50 photos and a minimum of 10 photos.

We only received if you have taken photo of EXO especially LUHAN. We will put your name as the credits (photographer) and also our logo in the picture and share it on site or twitter.

Example :

dd65d949gw1ee468ai84xj215o0rlwk6 copy

The picture is just for example the real credits is CHENille_babygal

Thank you for your participation^^


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